Hello world, my name is Raef. Doodling is therapeutic and a very fluid way for me to express what I’m feeling . I love playing with words. I like how a letter can produce a sound depending on how it’s arranged…or what part of the world you’re from. I pay particular attention to how a letter is shaped and the characters they project (pun very well intended) :P.

I respect intelligent people, witty humor and mild sarcasm. My favorite question is “Why” and I read wikipedia articles for fun. I believe in a loving, just, merciful, all-powerful, and all-knowing God. I have a love/hate relationship with politics and am easily angered when I see people taken advantage of.  I care deeply about social justice and try my best to eat healthy. Music is a phenomenal communicator and history fascinates me. Running is fun, and so are RTS computer games.

Here you will find cartoons that represent cross-sections of my ups, downs, happy moments, heartbreaks, deep-thoughts, anger, confusion, hopes, dreams, random ideas and eccentric humor. Often times I will be the only one who understands my doodles…but I post them anyways….at least once a week.

Make sure to click on the cartoon itself to get the full sized image

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